San Francisco

In June, Nick made it into the International Bass Competition in San Francisco. Not only was he a finalist, but he also received an award for the best performance of the required modern piece. I was lucky enough to meet him and visit some great friends along the way! Carrie, the wonderful blogger that she is, has already documented much of our trip, but I'm proud to say that we did at least take a couple shots of our own. So enjoy!

San Francisco, California

Our favorite, favorite, FAVORITE new restaurant!
We will definitely be back again!
In case you can't read it, the sign says,
"We season our garlic with food"
mmmm...... delicious

Best part of China town - the fortunes in our parking spots.
Joce's read "You will see a perfect thing today."
And what do you know, I did!

We're both pleased about this one...

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

It was meant just for us.

Cottage of SWEETS!!! Need I say more?!

We had a great time and can't wait to visit again!

It has been too long!

These pictures are officially from May and boy have we got a lot more where they came from...

If you didn't know already, Nick and I are in love... with WATER SPORTS! Anything that can be done on a lake/river/ocean/etc. sounds like a good time to us! Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to go out with some friends for a good time on the water. Nick and I do have our differences though. As you'll see, I'm a skier, while Nick prefers to wakeboard. Regardless, we both wish we could be out on the water every single day!

*Special thanks to Shane Swindle for capturing these shots.


It's official, Nick Can DUNK!!!

Check it...

We're very proud.

(Also, I feel it is imperative that you know Nick named this video "Slamma-Jamma")


Hello Again!

We're back!!!

Everything is still pretty much the same... though the weather is getting warmer and our Otter-Pops are chilling in the freezer as we speak (or type, or just silently communicate?)!

So. On our days off - when work and school are no where in sight (and even when they are a bit) Nick and I like to go have as much fun as possible - and lucky for you - I've got some photographic documentation! Our recent adventures have been to Fiddlesticks for our Happy Gilmore training sessions, Last Chance (by Nordstrom - it's like the Rack's version of the Rack - a.k.a. AMAZING deals!), and to a shooting range in Mesa!

Point is, you should come have fun with us sometime!

I mean, just imagine yourself in these pictures!

"It's all in the hips"

Look out Tiger

Keeping my eye on the ball.. requires intense concentration

I think I actually hit this one (you'll never know though!)

We love driving yes we do!

Intellectuals. Or whatever.

I have ALWAYS wanted glasses! Though I'll admit, these weren't my ideal pair.

Fav gun of the day

Only needed 3 shots- First was my best,
then it took a turn for the worse,
the camera died.


Enough is Enough!

Alright folks. I'll lay it out straight. I understand the pain you have been experiencing. And for that, I would like to take a moment and sincerely apologize for not having updated this sooner. Yes, I know it has been almost (if not more than, I mean, who's counting?) nine months since I last posted... and no nine months is not significant for any reason... but, I type before you today and say, that I am back with a vengeance! Sadly this does not mean that I have committed to being a regular blogger, so keep your Kleenex close at hand, but I do promise to have at more posts this year than last year. Even if only by one... I promise I will accomplish this goal. So in genuine carpe diem fashion, let me just catch you up on a little bit of what we here call "life" in the Villalobos clan!

Fun facts:
  • Nick's bike was stolen last fall, so we got him a new one and now he thinks he's Lance Armstrong
  • Highlights of Christmas were unquestionably: the Air Hog remote-control helicopter from Santa, my classy onesie pyjama (notice no "s"), and our Cutco garlic press
  • We are addicted to Modern Family
  • We're going to San Fran this summer for an International Bass Competition!
  • Baby Ezra, our nephew, somehow manages to make his way into our daily conversations - often we just sit and think, "I wonder what Baby Ezra's doing?"
  • I just got Mini Shopaholic today - FINALLY - from the library because it has been on hold for AGES!
  • Nick and I recently watched Mrs. Doubtfire and laughed 8.5 times more than we ever could have as kids (watch it and see for yourself!)
  • We're Gleeks
  • I cannot stop listening to "Love love love" by Hope ft. Jason Mraz - Check it out!
And, better yet!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words... feast your eyes ladies and gentleman.


(and I may or may not add just a touch of words... you know... just to clarify)

Nick and I at the Nutcracker Ballet

It was so fun to actually get to see a show WITH him!

Piece of advice for all you chefs out there -
adding more bananas than the recipe calls for
does NOT make it turn out better.
How many 9x13s of banana bread have
you seen last on a spatula?

Our initials carved near our old mailbox at Wymount.
(put a check in that box on my bucket list!)

Visiting with friends and family:
Krista, Jess, baby Isla and Ash.

Family picture at the Mesa Temple before Christmas

Going "8-Mile" for our annual Thanksgiving hike

Clearly needs no explanation

Top of Camelback Mountain in Phx

The girls! Mom and Ash came to visit and
we saw Nick play in the Sound of Music!!

He stole my heart before he even knew it

Ingenuity runs in the family

Is that the SIMPLY 3 TRIO?!!!!!!!!!!
(local celebrities, haha)
Though I bet you didn't know
they just booked a gig in Scotland!
I just couldn't finish this post without
giving them a shout out!

Okay. It has been real. Till next time.


"We like to move it (move it)..."

It's official! We have moved!!

I would post some pictures of our new place but we're still getting acquainted (or should I say trying to get less acquainted) with our moving boxes... and needless to say... our house merely on its way to becoming a home! But we both definitely love it here already! The weather is always sunny and warm (though I'm sure I'll be cursing it in the next couple of months) and it is so nice to have family around!

In the midst of our intense packing... one very special event I forgot to mention was our adventure to Cirque du Soleil's ALEGRIA! with the Toblers! It was an incredible show and cameras were not allowed in so this was the only picture we have to remember the evening. We're showing our tickets because that's the only proof that we weren't just taking this picture for kicks outside of any building on campus...

Anyway, until next time!

Sandy, UT - May 22, 2010


Tacos don Rafa!!





If you go to Salt Lake City, you MUST go here!

It's on the corner of State St. and 800 South. Park in the old Sear's parking lot, and make sure you go to the stand that is on STATE ST not the one on 800 (there are two on that corner and you have to pick the right one!). Tacos are two for $1.50 and burritos are $3.00. Just go, you won't be disappointed.

The face of pure joy.

Yes, my mouth is full... but check out Nick's cheeser!
Shockingly, he hasn't been practicing that!